Wall Pieces - Overview

Commissioned site-specific custom wall pieces from Jon Michael Route are available at a discount only to qualified gallery, interior professional, or design firms.  Please call or email for pricing and scheduling information.  I will be very happy to discuss your project with you personally.

My pieces are typically made from more than one metal. I make use of pewter, brass, copper, and bronze and aluminum because each has different color, working, and physical properties that I can use to my advantage.  Although the color pallette has some limitations, each metal can be colored by a process called “patination” using chemicals and heat. All work is coated with a clear UV inhibitor lacquer to stabilize color and protect the surface. Each piece can be hung with a cleat (provided) for an easy installation. Optional security hangers are available at no additional charge.

Metal and wood

Metal and wood

Contemporary themes

Contemporary themes


The panel constructions can be made up to 96" and the sculptural pieces up to 60".  Alternatively, panels can be fitted closely together in sections or groupings that can be spaced and used to fill larger areas.

Sketches and actual metal samples when they are needed are included at no additional cost. I am willing to work with you by designing to your budget considering your design styles and preferences.

Lead-time will vary depending upon when you order and previous commitments.  Generally, I need 4 -8 weeks to acquire materials and schedule production time.

There is typically an additional charge for packing and crating over and above shipping costs. This will vary with the size and number of pieces shipped.  We are happy to get an estimate for you.

TERMS – Wall Pieces

Site-specific custom work is quoted on a per project basis and includes a sketch if needed.

Discounts are available by commission to qualified gallery, interior professional, or design firms.  All orders are considered custom and not returnable.  Complexity, materials, size, and number of pieces all factor into the costs.  Please call or email for a free estimate.

A deposit and credentials must be received before work begins and a second payment may be required before work is completed. Deposits and payment schedules can be negotiated at time of sale. Balance plus packing and shipping charges are due upon receipt. Net-30 days will be extended only after credit has been established and your account remains in good standing.

Minimum packing charge per carton: $25. This usually covers packing materials and double boxing for most small/medium pieces. Larger work or pieces requiring special handling may require crating and/or shipping via common carrier and additional packing charges. We do try to be reasonable, but some large or very 3-D pieces need special attention. An estimate can be made at time of sale.

All UPS/FedEx shipping charges, insurance and additional charges if necessary, such as UPS oversize, weight surcharges and extra handling fees will be billed at actual cost.

Artist retains right to use of images for self-promotion.

Nature themes

Nature themes

Sculptural Wall Pieces

This signature one-of-a-kind series of work is distinguished by the fact that these constructions have been textured, hammered, and/or altered so that the piece is not flat; that it usually comes off the wall 2-3” or more, and that some elements are formed or sculpted 3-dimensionally. They are also characterized by a metal framework that keeps the piece rigid and allows a more sculptural piece.


Wall Tiles and Panels

This series is more economical because the method of construction is much less time consuming. They can be repeated (with allowance for color or patina variations) and the square or rectangular format (right) allows for single pieces as well as grid, vertical, or horizontal installations.

Designs or textures are pressed hydraulically into the metal. After annealing coloration and finish coating, the metal is bonded with a fusion polymer to a painted plywood panel which floats the plane of the metal off the wall.  Panels can be made of one piece of metal (least expensive), or multiple pieces with different layers in a collage fashion. 3-D elements can also be added for an additional charge.  More information under  "Construction details".


Bird Towers

Bird Towers

Consider an Alternative!

Three-dimensional work can add a whole different aspect to the art "atmosphere" of your project.  They can be wall mounted in a display type case or pedestal mounted securely to the wall or floor.  Small scale or larger sculptures, whimsical or colorful constructions; give me a challenge!  I don't charge for ideas.