When you don't see exactly what you want on my website, I gladly accept commissions.  And they don't have to be large.  $50 to $100 is the usual range for an initial concept and color sketch.  If, at that point you are not satisfied with the cost, direction, or the results you are under no further obligation.  There may not be a fee at all if I am to simply make a version of something I've already made, just changing the size or color for instance.

Preliminary sketches...

If  you know what you want or have a very good idea, the process can be very simple.  You start by giving me input; maybe picking two or three images of pieces you like and we confer on color, texture and size.  It's nice if I can get a feel for the space it will eventually occupy and its surroundings via a visit when possible or photographs, swatches or descriptions.  The commission process is an opportunity for you to direct me, in a sense, in order to get closer to what you are looking for and what will work with your home or office, your environment.

Once I have your input, I do a sketch or two to flush out ideas and try to visually represent my interpretation.  If you want to proceed with the commission, the drawing fee will be deducted from the total cost and you will be asked to sign a custom order form that spells out all the details.  That way I know what I'm making, and you know what you are getting.   A 50% deposit must be paid before materials are purchased and work begins.

It is very common to confer during the work process and often digital images are produced to keep you informed as the work progresses.  Samples of metal with texture and color can be produced if desired and once work is completed a final image is then made for your approval prior to payment and shipment.

I don't necessarily recommend the commission process for everyone.  It really helps if you have been able see my work in person, I've been able to show you the range of my work, and we've had a chance to discuss the many options and variations available.   In any case, I do strive to make you aware of the choices you have and enjoy the collaboration process.  I have completed numerous commissions over my 25 plus years career and welcome any questions or concerns you might have about my work or the process of acquiring your own special piece.